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What sweeteners do you recommend adding to herbal tea that are WFPB (Whole Food Plant-based)?

Updated: May 12, 2020

We do not recommend using refined sugar or artificial sweeteners AT ALL. In fact, our herbal tea blends have dried fruit as these add natural sweetness to the herbs, however, we understand that not all taste buds are the same. So, we want to recommend some ways to sweeten herbal tea without using sweeteners.

One of the best natural non-processed sweeteners are dried fruits such as mango, apple, peach, and pineapple. They not only add a delicious flavor to the herbs, but they add sweetness as well. Another option would be organic dates nectar since dates provide nutrients and fiber to your body, you can buy it or do it yourself at home.

You can use other sweeteners that are slightly processed, although they are not as harmful as sugar they should be used with caution and moderation. These include maple syrup, agave syrup, brown rice syrup, or honey (not vegan).

Why not using refined sugar or artificial sweeteners?

These are the result of an extraction and purification process where fiber and nutrients are lost. By drinking organic herbal tea, we want to obtain the greatest amount of nutrients that these combinations of plants and roots provide. Therefore, refined sugar and artificial sweeteners will not help with giving us the BEST support to our health.

We hope you enjoy being healthy and drinking a good cup of herbal tea!


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