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Resources for Self-Care During a Crisis

As the United States continues to move toward social distancing again, we must continue to find alternative ways to keep ourselves healthy. Unfortunately, confined spaces can make this a challenge. However, Mindfoodness offers the following ways to care for yourself in the midst of even a global crisis.

Manage Your Mental Health

One of your first priorities is to keep yourself healthy mentally. Here are some tips on doing that through meditation, sleep, and managing tension headaches.

A Beginner's Guide to Meditation

15 Science-Backed Tips for Your Best Rest

4 Ways to Tame Tension Headaches

Pay Attention to What You Eat

Even if you only shop every two weeks, it is still crucial to eat healthfully.

Working From Home? Here’s Some Food for Thought

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25 Healthy Snacks - Nutritious Snack Ideas

Don’t Let Lockdown Turn You Lazy

While we all want to be in the kitchen baking up brownies and catching up on Netflix, it’s still important to avoid taking up a sedentary lifestyle.

13 Benefits of Regular Exercise

Doctor-Backed Do’s and Don’ts on Social Distancing for Runners

Bad Weather Workout Swaps

We saw that self-isolation and social distancing works, and the world is moving toward this again as the Delta variant grows. However, until we can resume what was “normal” before, we need to continue to take care of ourselves. These resources can get you on a healthy track and keep you there.

Mindfoodness creates herbal tea blends for therapeutic purposes, using only organic, sustainably sourced, loose-leaf herbs, flowers, and roots. Contact us today to find out more!

Author: Amy Collett

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