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Improve Your Energy with Herbs

Updated: Jan 25

I am a mom of a 3-year-old toddler with tons of energy to play and run around the house all day long; Whenever I feel the need for an energy boost, I like to heat up some water and make myself a nice, hot cup of herbal tea. I know most of you here at Mindfoodness Tea are also moms, so I have a couple of recommendations for you to support your energy levels.

First, consuming healthy fats, proteins, and carbohydrates is essential to sustain your body's energy. No matter if you follow or not a whole foods plant-based diet, it is the same for every human. We all need these nutrients to maintain balance and prevent illness. Additionally, you can brew a fresh herbal tea every morning before breakfast. We recommend you use loose leaf herbs in an infuser because this keeps all the antioxidants found in the herbs.

What's the difference between Tea and Infusions?

Many of you have asked this question before. Only the leaves from the plant Camellia Sinensis you can call "Tea" and the rest are herbs from plants. Simple no? But, the main difference relies on the caffeine levels of Tea leaves which are not found in many herbs. That's why some people like to drink teas in the morning; however, not everyone likes having to depend on caffeine for a boost of energy; for this reason, their best option is Infusions!

Which herbs do I recommend for Energy?

I can say that my top 3 favorite ones are Red Rooibos, Ginger root, and Hibiscus Flower. These three do not have any caffeine in them, and they stimulate brain activity, improving concentration, energy, memory, and much more. These plants can help in digestion and work as anti-stress, which maintains the homeostasis of the body, making it function properly. Also, Red Rooibos and the Hibiscus Flower have high-antioxidant levels protecting cells from free radical damage. If these herbs are combined in a formula like our Energy Body Blend, you have a very nutritious infusion to help you boost your energy levels.

If you include herbs in your healthy diet and workout routine, you will feel the difference! Combine with other mindful activities like yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Make sure to consult your health specialist if you're under medications before you try out herbs; some herbs interact with common medications.

Contact us for a private consultation or guidance on our herbal teas.

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