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How to Choose High Quality Herbal Teas

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

We know that choosing an herbal tea can be overwhelming, how do I know if this will work for me? how do I choose high-quality herbal teas?

Many stores and supermarkets that we commonly know sell herbal teas or perhaps individual herbs. But, you can count with the fingers of one hand the brands that make pure herbal tea with high quality and fresh herbs. Most of them, when you brew a cup they lack flavor and aroma so people do not really enjoy drinking from it which is why they end up having another drink like coffee.

Herbal Teas are known because they generally do not contain caffeine plus they have multiple benefits that can help an upset stomach, relief a sore throat, or simply support overall wellness. When we started tasting high-quality herbal teas that's when we fell in love with tea (although it's not actual tea), we wanted to know everything about herbs! where are these herbs growing? how are they blended? what are their properties? and much more...

Why do High-Quality Herbs Matter?

Drinking herbal tea can provide our bodies with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, that we might be needing for a whole nutritious lifestyle. For this reason, we need to be very picky when selecting herbs because most of them are shipped to North America from abroad and some countries may not have the rules to preserve and harvest them as we have here. If the plants are grown with poor botanical practices they can be full of heavy metals, which can be dangerous as these are difficult to break down in our bodies.

According to an article from Consumer Reports, there was an investigation on supermarket herbs, and "Roughly one-third of the tested products, 40 in total, had high enough levels of arsenic, lead, and cadmium combined, on average, to pose a health concern for children when regularly consumed in typical serving sizes." Sometimes we do not even know how long these herbs were stored before our consumption, which makes them discolored or wilted. So, if you're looking to start buying your herbs research in-depth before purchasing. The USDA Organic Integrity Database is a great resource to have handy when looking for organic certified herbs.

At Mindfoodness Herbal Tea we only source from USDA Organic, Sustainable, and Fair Trade herbs to make our blends; we hope someday to have our own farm where we can grow our herbs, meanwhile, we rely on the herbs from USDA organic certified companies. If you want to purchase loose-leaf herbs nearby, another good option would be to look at your local farmer's markets or consider growing your own herbal garden!

Tips that are important to take in mind before purchasing herbal teas

  1. Benefits: If you are not sure about which plant to use for yourself, consult an herbal practitioner because different parts of the plant may have a different therapeutic effects. Some herbs may not be safe for everybody, every individual has different conditions which is why it is important to understand your specific needs.

  2. Origin: Look for Wildcrafted, USDA Organic, and chemical-free herbs grown locally. These herbs are free of contaminants, pesticides, and glysophate, for this reason, they can be used to provide you with all the nutrients from plants.

  3. Color, Texture, Aroma, and Taste: Herbs have a shelf life and if they are stored properly they can last from one to three years in great shape. High-quality herbs will preserve their freshness, so you will notice their vibrant fragrance, vivid color, and pleasant flavor.

Autor: Veronica Araujo


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