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Herbal Tea Recipe for Grieving

One of the last things we thought about experiencing this year was grief. But, who hasn't experienced it lately? after two shootings, a pandemic, hurricanes, war, and other painful events, we have at some point either felt the loss of these deaths or of one of our beloved ones.

This feeling of deep loss is a universal human experience, however, it does not happen to everyone in the same way. When we were in the middle of our trip to Tennessee this year, we received the news of grandma passing away, and shortly after my sister-in-law's sudden death. For us two, it was a tragedy that submerged us into a deep dark moment.

It was until grief directly hit us that we thought about using herbs for our own internal healing process. When we use herbs we are capable of giving our bodies a warming and calming sensation in the midst of the nostalgia. Although plants will not bring us back to our loved ones, we can certainly support ourselves using their powerful nutrients to give us some relaxation after all.

On our first night after they passed, we were not able to catch a sleep because of insomnia thinking about the days coming ahead without them. It was not until a week after that we said we would turn to our blends for help, steeping valeriana root, chamomile, linden and lavender; these were our allies at night time. At day time we needed to get back into our rutines, however, sadness had taken over us and our motivation to continue working. So, making a warm cup of motherwort gave our broken hearts comfort to recover and get back on track.

We love sharing our lifestyle with others and teach that blending herbs is one of the most beautiful things anyone can learn to do in life, and we consider it important for wellness in general. Grieving is also necessary and healthy in some way, but we cannot eternaly live in that feeling because it can become an illness. For this reason, we want to share with you this wonderful recipe you can prepare at home for overcoming the pain and giving your heart the vitality it needs.


  • 2 scoops of Motherwort

  • 1 scoop of Rose petals

  • 2 scoops of Common Hawthorn

  • 2 scoops of Linden

  • 1 scoop of Cardamom

  • 1 scoop of Dried Peaches


  1. Bring 8 oz of water to boil.

  2. Remove from the heat and add 2 scoops of the blend.

  3. Let it steep for 5 minutes.

  4. Strain the leaves from the liquid.

  5. Pour the tea into your favorite mug and enjoy!

Recommendations: You may drink this grieving tea formula at any time during the day, at least twice a day to find balance in your moments of frustration. This tea has great properties for the nervous system, it can be of support to promote resting and calming sensations. Note: you may connect with us through the contact form to request a personalized grieving tea blend like this.

We are living tough days in our society and we need to find a peaceful moment for ourselves that makes us release those emotions. Whatever resource you decide to use for yourself, be mindful of praying, meditating, or simply taking a break; let your spirit process the loss.

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