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3 Medicinal Herbs To Have At Home

Medicinal herbs are a useful tool to have at home for our family’s lifestyle. So, we believe that If you want to protect your family naturally you must have your ingredients handy. We suggest you consider taking note of these helpful tips!

Choose a selection of medicinal herbs, essential oils, and carrier oils, as these will be necessary to create infusions, syrups, compresses, etc. For your herbs, you can get them fresh or you can have dried herbs (including flowers, seeds, roots, etc.). To give some support to the community you live in, shop them at your local farmer’s market or if you live in Florida you may contact us directly.

Additionally, if your shopping essential oils look for a high-quality essential oil (#DoTerra is a trusted company, find our link here to purchase your essential oils). Buy carrier oils are to hold an herbal preparation, you may use oils like coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba or other vegetable oils.

Once you have your ingredients ready, set up a space at home where you can store all your herbs (use mason jars for longer shelf life) and make sure you have enough room to experiment mixing them. These five herbs are multipurpose, and we want to show you some of their benefits.

1) Lavender: It is essential to have Lavender at home! The most common type is Lavandula Angustifolia which is originally from Bulgaria, a European country of high altitude ideal for lavender growth. This is a wonderful plant known for its ability to relax the nervous system and decrease anxiety, extremely helpful for our family after a day full of activities.

It is also a great plant for the respiratory system because of its anti-inflammatory properties, for this reason we use it to naturally clean our house. It is one of the safest plants to consume and avoid toxicity! Children, pregnant women, and elders can drink an infusion of lavender or use it topically for sunburns and irritations. A delicious massage with the essential oils of this plant can help ease pain after a workout routine or help relax tight muscles. Spraying lavender essential oils on your pillow can help you get a restful night of good sleep!

2) Peppermint: Something about this herb reminds us of the winter season and we love to have it at home because of its refreshing flavor. Mostly known for its properties to help soothing bloating sensations after a large meal. But it is a versatile leaf that goes with almost anything, from desserts to delicious smoothie blends!

We also have its essential oils to use it when one of us has a mild head pain, but it is also great in the morning to add it in our shower because it makes us feel invigorated and ready for a great day. Although sometimes we just add a few drops in the diffuser and smell the scents before heading to the office.

Peppermint leaves blends very well with Rose petals and if you have been knowing us for a while, you know we love to use rose as an ingredient for our blends. Simply add 1 teaspoon of peppermint leaves and 1 teaspoon of red roses in an infuser, pour boiling water over and let it steep for a couple minutes. We enjoy making this drink in the morning with plant-based milk and a little honey, yummy!

3) Chamomile: We adore to have chamomile at home because of its wonderful benefits. As new parents we get stressed out with all the responsibilities we have during the day. One effective way to relax and relieve stress is to drink an infusion of chamomile before bed which has also helped us with insomnia.

This plant is also great for anxiety or emotional balance, and it works great in combination with lavender, rose, rosemary, among others. To alleviate stomach issues or premenstrual syndrome, you may infuse the flowers and rub your abdomen in clockwise circles. After an intense workout routine, you may want to blend 1 drop of chamomile essential oil in 1 tablespoon of carrier oil and massage your muscles.

Our mothers and grandmothers have used chamomile to enhance natural light-colored hair and they have infused it with Rosemary. These herbs together can help stimulate scalp circulation to support hair growth. Rinse your hair regularly with this herbal preparation, replace your shampoo with this natural formula and you will notice the change in your hair.

We have been replacing products for our natural preparations at home and besides all the positive benefits, it has been fun! We encourage you to give it a chance and start with these three easy to use herbs.

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